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let our souls be mountains, let our spirits be stars, let our hearts be worlds.

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background: film and interior design. i love to create things. i love music. i LOVE music. :) ^_^ i love the mountains, i love the oceans, i love rambling in the good parts of the city. i want to learn the drums. i want to learn the piano and the cello. i want to travel more often and speak more languages. i want the sun! and therefore will be moving to california to continue my love affair with palm trees very soon. i want to dabble in film-making again on the side. ...on the side of potlucks and friends and the beach and listening to amazing music and seeing amazing things. i am grateful for all that i have seen and will see~

current warmth: james morrison, beirut, cocorosie, hotsprings (from montreal), iron & wine, gorgeous friends, the neighbor's airedale terrier, darjeeling ltd, plotting my move to california, working on my design portfolio and dreaming SO BIG.